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The Revolution – TAO LP 7

The Revolution – TAO LP 7

In the bigger picture of things, I think we must create a new vision and dream for us all. It seems like the collective dream floating around right now is somehow all about a future where technologies will save us if we keep buying them and that doesn’t make sense.

The dream of the future through going to mars, electric cars, artificial intelligence, and any new gizmos coming out every year that we must buy is a trant floating in the collective consciousness of the western world right now.
How about this; instead of being “object” and “technology” oriented, we become connection-oriented, experience-oriented, and creation-oriented. Working with the NI “natural intelligence” instead of the AI by tapping into our full capacity, our full potential as humans and as a collective. We, the people need a new dream, and the western leadership is just trying to make us believe that we will be “saved” by buying more stuff. Maybe the opposite is more realistic, buying less, needing less, connecting more, and creating better. People, connection, love, life, nature, creation, and long-term thinking while taking care of basic needs are essential and at the base of the human experience here on earth. If we collectively work together, we can create a genuine, abundant, and balanced life in harmony with nature. Looking at the earth as a dream factory and us as the dreamers of the dream, we can make something special happen here.

If we are going to save ourselves from the lost delusion we are now living in, it will be through connecting back to the essence of what is real, authentic, present, looking within, slowing down, breathing better, listening, and cutting out the noise that invades us right now. A mix of old values with new knowledge.
What is it to be human? Change in consciousness, shifts usually happens through the heart of the people, a call to rebalance and get back to the basic values of life on earth. It occurs when we rise out of the labyrinth of thoughts, our mind entangled us in depending on our environment and what we allow in.
We are living in an overload of distractions and information, bits and pieces, fragmented data overwhelming our systems that makes us behave and share in the most unnatural ways creating major side effects to the society and its individuals. We are going through infinite lists of unessential tasks daily, keeping us busy all the time, scared of facing the emptiness of feeling the void within. The revolution demands of us to spend time quietly, exploring and going inwards to meet ourselves, discover the real need so to address them properly. To build a new relationship with ourselves. To manifesting a better reality, a better world is saying no to all the distractions making unnecessary noise, and saying yes to the human connection, in meaningful conversations, in video calling one another, utilizing the social media tools we have properly, not as an addiction but as a tool. Protesting the collective madness is connecting and building bridges together, embracing our differences. Protesting is loving instead of hating, closing gaps instead of making them. Uniting and seeing that the world is rich in complexity, diversity. All interconnected, all-important, all one. It is one planet, one species, one ecosystem after all.

The revolution is looking at stars and wondering about the bigger picture we are part of, and our purpose here, opening up to the fact that we are part of an infinite universe. That we are all of it, creating all of it.
To start looking at the planet as one big floating garden, we are growing and nurturing together.
We’ve had some poor dreamers as leaders, some better than others, yes but many are only thirsty for power and lack wisdom and imagination.
Right now, leadership fails in many ways. This big machine has no heart, but we, the people, do. It is up to us now to dream the dream that we want to live, keeping in mind that more people are coming here on earth after we are gone and they also want a good life, a better world, with great values to be part of.
The revolution starts with you and everything you do. It starts by being the example of the change, by taking care of one another and not being afraid of loving, creating, and making a difference. Action speaks louder than words.

As light painters, we experiment, we learn, we share, and above all, we create. Call it art or not, what matters is its creation. We empower ourselves through creating and understanding that creation doesn’t only happen in the dark with lights, it also happens at every moment of our daily life. With every word, every gesture, every choice we make. See it or not, at every moment, we have more choice than we can think, and often, presence and spontaneity will the greatest results.

We have the power to create, dream, manifest our dreams, this is the mechanism of this place, the dream factory.
Every day we decide to invest our time somewhere, on someone, or something. The time we have is the most, most precious thing, and it’s limited for the individual. If you want to see what your future looks like, just look at where you are investing your time, how you are nourishing your garden, what you are offering the others in your interactions. Soon enough you will see this investment grow and become your reality.
Connecting these dots is being a conscious creator.

Practicing light painting kata is a way to meditate. The practice of conscious creations through light. Non-dualistic, undivided, a way to empower and grow wiser.

The practice of light painting katas is the practice of facing yourself naked. The formula is simple, a light-blade, a black background, and you.
Relying solely on motion, presence, breath, timing, intuition, feelings, and imagination, and ok also on good musical beats, it’s the simplest practice, yet it’s very challenging and filled with learnings.
The kata is a mirror, a reflection of all layers working together, united into one system, mind-body-spirit.
It is a way to learn about the mysteries of life within, connect with the other layers we contain.

The kata is transformative and gives you the chance to witness, your evolution year after year while weaving a beautiful trail of light, one image at a time, marking your passage, in this moment, on this collective garden called earth. Through the darkness, making light.

P. S. Here is one of the definitions of the word Revolution according to Cambridge:
A very important change in the way that people do things.

Express your light!


To see, to know…

If you haven’t seen THRIVE, it’s worth it, the full movie here:


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Maybe you have noticed, that most movie, nowadays, shows the future filled with destruction, fear, suffering and the classic end of the world where everybody is fighting everybody, even superheroes are turning against each other. It seems like the collective imagination has hit a limit until we start creating better, consciously by seeing the possibilities that we all have collectively. This sci-fi movie talks about how precious time is, it’s not a bright vision of the future, unfortunately, but it’s got a good point about how time is the highest thing or currency we have. Trailer here:



TAO LP  (The Art Of Light Painting).

About The Author

Patrick Rochon

Painting with actual light has been a fascination for two and a half decades now. Having explored many techniques, created many different light tools and light painted thousand of pieces, I’ve come to a place of finding beauty in simplicity, opening a world of small details within a line that contains it all. To me, that is where fine art begins. Patrick is an award-winning Light Painting photographer with over 24 years of experience. First prize winner of the Nikon photo contest in Japan, Patrick has done light painting photography for various fashion, rock magazines, CD jackets, DVD covers, posters, and international ad campaigns. Clients also include Toyota and Honda. Born in Montreal, Canada, Patrick has lived mainly in Tokyo, New York and Paris for 15 years.

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