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Learn Light Painting – Top Sites To Follow

Learn Light Painting – Top Sites To Follow

Learn Light Painting -Top Sites To Follow

Finding information on the net about any given subject depends on several factors. So much info out there but where should I search? What keywords should I use for searching?With Light Painting this is no different. It’s not always easy to find where to search. That’s why I decided to make a list of Top Light Painting Sites  I know with a lot of educative content for anyone who might be eager to dig in.

Disclaimer: This is definitely not everything that is out there.These are just some sites I know and thought its gonna be useful for people if I put them all in one place. Please feel free to comment if I missed anything (which I am sure I have.. ). I promise I ‘ll keep updating this one as we go. 


So ..Here we go .. (in random order):


Light Painting Photography


Most likely you know this one already. Light Painting Photography is the passion child of Jason D. Page. As I mentioned before this was the first place I found tons of information about Light Painting, tools, artists, tutorials and more. It is a definite MUST if you are into Light Painting




One of the first video channels I found on Youtube, Chris Benbow site, and youtube channel is definitely a place to check.


Twin Cities Brightest


Dana Maltby aka TCB is an “underground” legend in the light painting world. His site was also one of the first places I found lots of information about DIY tools and tons of inspiration.


Harold Ross Fine Art

Harold Ross is a full-time photographer that specializes in a light painting technique he calls “Sculpting with Light.” In his blog, you can find some really helpful tutorials about his technique. If you are interested in still life light painting photography, you MUST follow this one!


Light Painting World Alliance


Light Painting World Alliance is a group founded by Sergey Churkin, with a simple but great idea. Make a global artist database to make it easier for the artist to collaborate, and companies to easier find talents. In the LPWA Manifesto you can find their ideas, beliefs, and activities for helping to raise Light Painting as an art form.LPWA has been organizing exhibitions all over the world and with the help of local artists around the world, LPWA also organizes Meetups for people to get together and share their passion.You can also find the Historic Catalogue, a detailed research with historical facts since the beginning of Light Painting.


Darius twin edu


Darren Pearson is a California-based light painter. He is one of the few artists in light painting with a recognizable style. On his website, he has a section with tips and educational material like tutorial and videos.


Thingiverse light-painting


If you have access to a 3d printer Dennis Ryus might have some interesting stuff for you. Great guy, really helpful with creating some 3d models of tools and adapters and sharing them online


Hack the light


Blog site of Dan Chick. Cool guy with some cool tutorials. Check his FB group below too.


60 seconds of light


Dennis Smith is an Australian based photographer/light painter.He has his own line of tools and also organizes workshops. On his website, he has a section with video tutorials explaining some techniques and also showcasing some tools and their effect.


Light painting-Helpdesk


Another website I recently discovered. Run by Manuel Köstler, Sandra Wagner, and Ryus Lightworks the have as goals to show tips and trick, encourage teamwork and do mutual projects. The site is only in German.


Stimulight the Night


This one is my latest discovery. It’s basically a youtube channel from 2 American guys, Dan McCreight and Johnny Andrews who want to share their passion. They created a VLOG with tutorials and ideas about light painting. Although I think that Vlog is finished, they seem to put new videos. Check them out!



Another I found only recently although the guy had been active in light painting for a long time. The site is from Chris Noelle and he has a section with some tutorials about tools and techniques.


Facebook groups/sites


Eric Pare


Eric Pare is one of the most recognizable light painting artists at the moment. His 360 bullet time light painting and his tube techniques have been having a tremendous response for people not previously aware of light painting. He created this FB group to help this community he has set up with inspiration, tips and tricks and some tutorials too.


Light Painting Brushes Tricks and Tips


A very active group about tips and tricks for the light painting brushes system.




Patrick Rochon’s new group. Like the name tells, mostly about Blade techniques so if you are interested in blades, check this out!




A Facebook page of John Griffin. Nice place with some pretty cool tutorials he has made over the years.


Light Painting Lab


Dan Chick’s  FB group you can also find some cool tutorials and people explaining how they did a shot.


The Official Pixelstick Group


Pixelstick is a powerful tool for light painting.I ‘ll probably be doing one review of it soon since I recently got one myself. This group is all about it.


Fiber-Optic Light Painting


Maria Saggese started this one with info and inspiration about fiber optic techniques.


Jan Leonardo learn


A group made by Jan Leonardo for people to share techniques and info.



Light Painting Generation

Another FB (mainly in French language ) that has people sharing some stuff. They also have a nice monthly challenge for everyone to participate!




Last but not least: This one right here! Our Light Painting Blog might be new, but we are here to stay and are determined to give you guys as much quality info as possible.

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About The Author

Jannis Sid

Jannis Sid aka Luplof is a greek Light Painter based in Helsinki Finland. Working for 20 years in the entertainment industry as a light designer he has developed a special relationship with light. Light painting since he moved to Finland in 2010, more actively since 2015. In 2017 he founded the LightPaintBox and started this blog.

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