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Some information about the authors and contributors or the Light Painting Blog.


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Socrates, one of the greatest philosophers used to say: “I know one, that I know nothing.”

While I was thinking how to start this statement I thought about this quote. It’s one of my beliefs and motivations in life in general. I m not pretending to be something that I m not. I am not a “know it all”, “done it all” kind of person, never was. But I always for some reason was the one to try to help others, not necessarily successful all the time, but the good will was there.


The same principle goes into this blog. Our motto is Learn, Inspire, Expose.

Learn, not Teach…  Cause we want to be learning ourselves too.

Inspire others and get inspired by showcasing and looking works, interviews of so many creative people out there.

Expose old and new artists,  become a new way of exposure for their creative works.


We gathered a great team of people and we hope to be able to help people interested in light painting, attract new members to our ever growing community and maybe just maybe put our own little stone in the path where this art form is taking.

Hopefully, this is gonna be a fun place for everyone to visit. And everyone is welcome!




The opinions expressed in the articles are the sole opinions of the authors and should be treated exactly as that, opinions…

A specific mention I would like to make about the Reviews section. When I decided to start reviewing some of the existing tools and gear in the market, I promised to myself to only do those if I could keep my honest opinion nonbiased from personal preferences. In other words, I will say my opinion about a tool or piece of gear, no matter if bad or good, no matter how much I like or dislike the guy or the company who builds them. At this point, I m gonna be reviewing gear that I have purchased myself. If later on, some company approaches me to review their products, that will not affect my opinion in any way, and for sure it won’t guaranty them a good review. I find no point in doing those reviews if I m gonna be lying about stuff. And I don’t like to lie. In the case of sponsorship that goes the same way. Light Painting Blog will not promote any brand that we won’t be using and trusting ourselves.












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