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Energy In Motion – TAO LP 5

Energy In Motion – TAO LP 5

bserving my hypersensitivity and how everything affects me in this world, I concluded that emotions are energy moving through my body at all times.
They contain containing information, just like a language and we can use this energy to create, communicate, and connect with one another.

We contain a multitude of layered systems, producing and or capturing energies, like electric current, emotions, thoughts, feelings, hunches, attractions, images in our mind’s eye. All of these are systems creating reality as we live it, feel it, and process it.

If you look at light painting from this point of view, Energy in Motion, you come to understand that what we are practicing as light painters, is energy art.
Moving energy with joy, excitement, ideas with a light tool while capturing these traces in camera.
We are simply expressing externally what is going on internally, light, electricity, vibration in motion.
We are creators, energy artists, adding touches of light, color, imagination, and fantasy, to this world.

At one point or another, all of us light painters have gotten a wow moment, after seeing what came out of the camera. This awe-ness motivates us to do more, to go further. This is the flow of energy that nourishes and generates more excitement to keep going. Awe is a key in our process, it transcends the intellect and touches something profound within.

So today, in this short article, I propose some videos of people sharing their excitement, of being in awe, connecting the dots to generate a wider field of understanding for all of us.
This mysterious expansion of consciousness is one of the drivers behind why we create and how to make the world a better place, one photon at a time.


Thank you for reading the article. Hope this inspires you a tiny bit or nourishes your creation in some ways and please share your self, your experiences in the comments below.


Model of the top picture (yellow & green): Angela Carter

Model of the bottom picture (red blue): David Bujo


TAO LP  (The Art Of Light Painting).

About The Author

Patrick Rochon

Painting with actual light has been a fascination for two and a half decades now. Having explored many techniques, created many different light tools and light painted thousand of pieces, I’ve come to a place of finding beauty in simplicity, opening a world of small details within a line that contains it all. To me, that is where fine art begins. Patrick is an award-winning Light Painting photographer with over 24 years of experience. First prize winner of the Nikon photo contest in Japan, Patrick has done light painting photography for various fashion, rock magazines, CD jackets, DVD covers, posters, and international ad campaigns. Clients also include Toyota and Honda. Born in Montreal, Canada, Patrick has lived mainly in Tokyo, New York and Paris for 15 years.


  1. susan chait

    Truth…so true..saying what i couldn’t express with words…you did it beautifully…sharing…

    • Patrick Rochon

      Hey Susan, thank you for the feedback, it’s good to know that. I’m never quite sure if people enjoy or beneficiate from these articles. If just one person gets inspired, then, I reached my goal. Thx again.

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