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Colorado Perseids Meteor Jam

Colorado Perseids Meteor Jam

“A flaming meteor (or meteors) in the sky. Dark zones in the mountains in Colorado. Light painters. Let’s make more light art with celestial objects at the 2nd annual Perseids Light Painting Jam!”   – This is the rallying cry for a unique event taking place August 10-13.

Set in the mountains in Colorado, USA a collection of light painters will come together in amazing lighting conditions (and by that I mean that we have no light, away from the cities, and we’re in total darkness) to capture light painting shots with meteors in the sky.  If you want to do normal astrophotography that may be possible but be forewarned that we will be shining flashlights in whatever area we end up in.

Perseid Meteor Shower Event Details

The plan is to jam Thursday night in or around Denver, then head up to Steamboat Springs on Friday, then shoot up there Friday and Sat nights.

If you are flying in from out of town you would likely fly into Denver. Steamboat is about 3 hours outside of Denver. With advance notice, we can carpool and you won’t have to get rental cars. There are currently have three multi-room units booked in Steamboat. Each can sleep six to eight, more if we use floors.  Cost is $45 per person per night for a bed ($75 for a couple/king bed), $30 for the couch or floor space, no additional cost for the event with any extra money going to a group dinner or drinks fund.  RSVP to secure a bed but there should be plenty of floor space to go around.  All units are equipped with kitchens so we don’t have to eat out if we don’t want to.

At the time of this article the following light painters are confirmed:  me (Dan Chick, Colorado, USA), Nancy Nguyen (Colorado, USA), Paul Burns (Colorado, USA), Johnny Griffin (Arkansas, USA), Dennis Calvert (Alabama, USA), Gunnar Heilmann (Berlin, Germany), and a few additional Colorado photographers who want to come (Geoff Decker, Rick Yura, Sylvia Ross, Andrew Vega).  On top of that, we have about 30 maybes from the USA and around the world.  If you can get to Denver, we can get you to the event.

There will be models, darkness, trees, mountains, and stars, and a meteor or two hundred.  If you want to join this adventure please RSVP via this Facebook page.  Don’t miss out on this chance to join fellow light painters under the stars, making light art with cosmic phenomena!

About The Author

Dan (Chick) Roberts

Dan started as a studio art photographer and eventually switched his entire art focus over to light painting. He has a background in applied physics and computer programming and enjoys hockey and motorcycles. He lives in Denver, Colorado, USA but was born in eastern Canada. He created LightMonster, runs Light Painting Lab on Facebook, as well as Denver Light Painting. He is open to reviewing any products you want to send him including expensive prototype cameras :)

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