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Fade To Black Light Art

Fade To Black Light Art

Hello and welcome

I thought I’d stop by to introduce myself in my first ever entry here on the Lightpaintingblog…. Exciting times!  My name is Tim Gamble and I can be found on the internet under the name of Fade To Black Light Art.  I’m a light painter from the North West of England near Manchester.  I’ve been lighting painting for the last four years or so and have been asked to post here which is amazing to me.  Currently, embroiled in my 3rd consecutive 365 project.  This is where I take a photo every day for the year.  This is something I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to improve their skill-set. It’s an amazing experience…..most of the time!


I’ve always been keen to share the techniques I use to create my light art and generally dislike being secretive.  With each light painting I make I like to break down the techniques, the tools, and settings used in it’s formulation.   From light blades and fiber optics to camera rotation and in-camera double exposures.  These are some of the areas I will touch on.  Each image I post here will be deconstructed in as much detail and as simply as I can. I’ll also post relevant links for each image so you can ask any further questions you may have.  I’ll start off with some simple breakdowns and slowly build up to the more technical stuff.  That’s where the fun starts!

So that’s me and what I’ll be doing here.   I can’t wait to see what this year will bring for the light painting community as a whole and of course the Light Painting Blog.

Happy Days.


About The Author

Tim Gamble

Long exposure light artist from the North West of England. I enjoy very few things more than lighting up the darkness. Ever since I saw my first light painting I have been hooked and the majority of my other loves and passions have fallen by the wayside. I can't ever see that changing.

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