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Artist of the Month – Hannu Huhtamo



The Light Painting Blog’s Artist of the Month – Hannu Huhtamo

Hannu Huhtamo is a light artist and a musician from Helsinki, Finland. Hannu has created a very signature style of light painting where he draws luminous sculptures and flowers into northern landscapes and abandoned buildings.

Hannu’s work has gotten lately amazing success with his latest video on BoredPanda gaining over 12 million views and with articles on CNN’sĀ Great Big Story and Discovery Channel! Congratulations Hannu for the well-deserved recognition!


The Light Painting Blog interviewed Hannu about his work and how everything got started, not forgetting his thoughts of the latest success and of the future of light art! See the whole interview in the video above!


Below is a few examples of Hannu’s amazing technique that incorporates his famous light sculptures and light flowers into stunning landscapes and locations.


Hannu Huhtamo – Stranded


Hannu Huhtamo – Time is not the same for us


Hannu Huhtamo – Stay beside me


Hannu Huhtamo – Releaseduction


Hannu Huhtamo – Bright Ambassadors


Hannu Huhtamo – Waiting to be found


Hannu Huhtamo – Tri-iris


Hannu Huhtamo- Welcome to the show

You can see more of Hannu’s work at and

Stay tuned for the next Artist of the Month in July 2017!

About The Author

Janne Parviainen

Janne Parviainen is a light artist from Helsinki. His work has been featured in various magazines, books and art blogs such as The National Geographic, The Guardian, Daily Mail, Wired, Juxtapoz, Spiegel Online, Metro Newspaper. Janne has worked with well-known brands such as Adobe Systems Inc., Olight and Nippon Television producing high-level artistic material for commercial use. His work has been on display globally on exhibitions, light art festivals and museums. In his light art Janne Parviainen studies the possibilities of spaces and dimensions by creating topographic maps with light and by incorporating illuminated forced perspective drawings with light painting.

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