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60 seconds to find an exit 2017- Diliz

60 seconds to find an exit 2017

Diliz aka Vincent Delesvaux is a French light painter and traveler has created this great LP stop motion video. We contacted him and asked him some questions about it.
Congrats for this video Diliz! Looks great and I bet it’s gonna be an inspiration for many people!  How did it started, was anyone else involved, how long did you work on that?
I’ve been worked on that small project, alone, directly after having assisted to Oviedo 2014 organized by the great Frodo Alvarez and meet Darren Pearson and Dana Maltby.
They are great inspiration for me, the first people I’ve seen making a stop motion light painting, after Lichtfaktor of course, at the “myspace” era before Facebook.
After those days with the light painting community, I wanted to give a try to stop motion, so I’ve been working on it for 5 nights in Oviedo itself, and some locations near Hugo Baptista mom’s house close to Lisboa in Portugal.
How did you get the idea about it? Is that connected to your previous 60sec series? Is that your first stop motion video? Where can we see more of your work?
I’ve done something with kids, light painting and beat box in 2014 but without having that personal taste that I like. You can find it here

For my own project as I was drawing faces in one line with sparklers, regrouping them into a series called “60 seconds to find an exit” I decided to use that technique. I must admit that starting with sparklers is pretty tough.
Was shot in 2014 but only made the editing in 2016… There is still have a lot of photographs from previous travels that sleep on my computer…
Also last year I’ve been working on another small video project involving light. It’s a video caption of light trace that I’ve merged on same frames, you can look at it here It’s linked to a photo project too on the historical heritage of a small city
Last year after the second edition of Oviedo 2016, we’ve made something with Jadikan and Frodo, a small animation in the cave on the Spain coast near Barro beach.
A great thing was to be part of the China International light painting team, with the great Lichtfaktor, Darren Pearson, Roy Wang, Riders of Light, Frodo DKL and Mass and we’ve made another LP animation, in two nights. It is definitively worth watching!
To get a bit more technical here is a couple of questions more into the creation process: Did you storyboard before hand, or was it more improvised? Was the whole thing freehand drawn or did you use some other
As I told you it’s after having spoken with Darren and Dana after Oviedo that I wanted to give it a try, so it’s 100% improvised.
No story board, only a few ideas of stuff I wanted to try with lines. Fun and repetition.
It’s all free hand as I’ve never used other technics in my works in LP it’s what I like, hand made!
I sometimes draw my faces on paper in order of having an idea of where I’m going to and then I just to make it in bigger.
One thing I noticed was the clear lines without the trace in between the letters. Would you care to reveal how did you do that?
Really easy, by hiding it with my hand, no editing, it was pretty clean.
I’ve been using layers for backgrounds when the sparklers weren’t bright enough to illuminate it as you can see in images below
60-seconds-to-find-an-exit-diliz-(6)60-seconds-to-find-an-exit-diliz-(7) 60-seconds-to-find-an-exit-diliz-(8) 60-seconds-to-find-an-exit-diliz-(9)
In the end, I’ve burned almost 800 sparklers for 5 nights.
Then the editing was a lot or works too. ( you can see in the photos below how many images needed to become a word or a face in the animation… )
60-seconds-to-find-an-exit-diliz-(3) 60-seconds-to-find-an-exit-diliz-(4) 60-seconds-to-find-an-exit-diliz-(11) 60-seconds-to-find-an-exit-diliz-(12)
What would be your advice to people who want to start their own lp stop motion?

As Darren told me: don’t think too much about precision on every frame just do it and once animated it works!

You will need a wireless remote control to stay in position in between frame.

After a while, you will work as a robot when you reach the point of no thinking anymore and just developing your draws. It’s only focus and movement.
Again I would like to thanks to Frodo Alvarez for the Oviedo’s events, Darren and Dana for the inspiration, Nacho Cosio and Hugo Baptista for their help.
Hope you’ll enjoy it, and I want to see more of those works from the community.
Let’s work and have fun guys!
Cheers, D.
Thank you Diliz for this great insight and for your cool stop motion!




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Jannis Sid aka Luplof is a greek Light Painter based in Helsinki Finland. Working for 20 years in the entertainment industry as a light designer he has developed a special relationship with light. Light painting since he moved to Finland in 2010, more actively since 2015. In 2017 he founded the LightPaintBox and started this blog.

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