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Flashlight Review Convoy S9

Flashlight Review Convoy S9 Convoy is a small Chinese flashlight manufacturer which produces a range of budget flashlights that are very popular with flashlight enthusiasts in particular, the huge selling Convoy S2+. The Convoy S9 also has an 18650 tube profile, but with a side switch and USB charging. How does it compare with similar lights, and is it good for light painting photography? Disclaimer The Convoy S9 was sent to me for an honest review by FastTech. I receive no commission from links or sales. Product link. 5% off code: saving Construction The Convoy S9 arrived in a foam padded...

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Blade Tunnel Tutorial

An area of light painting photography that I’ve been interested in lately has been creating Blade Tunnels. These photos look like you are looking down a tunnel, heading off into the distance. Whilst this is not a new concept in light painting, I’ve taken inspiration from “futuristic tunnel” graphic art found on internet searches, and the old skool video game wipE’out”. Usually, Blade Tunnels are created in a studio setting with a black backdrop, but can be also be created outdoors. This tutorial takes a look at how to create a Blade Tunnel. Light Blades and Flashlights Firstly, you...

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Light Review: Concentrate by Threeworlds C5 LED Light Unit

The Concentrate by Threeworlds C5 is a compact RGB light unit designed to illuminate Concentrate’s range of light tubes including the Kali and Play series sticks. Whilst the C5 LED Light Unit is included with these products, it is also available as a standalone product. Some Australian light painters have recently displayed some great photos on Facebook using the C5. With light painters always being on the hunt for more colour changing light options, I thought it would be a timely opportunity to review one. Disclaimer The Concentrate C5 was purchased by myself from Threeworlds, who are based on...

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Flashlight Review: Klarus XT11GT

The Klarus XT11GT is a very popular flashlight with light painters. Boasting a claimed 2000 lumens, and compatible with all commercial light painting connectors, does it live up to the hype? Disclaimer The Klarus XT11GT was send to me for free by FastTech, for an honest review. I make no commission from links or sales. Product page. Coupon code “MAP” in cart for a nice price! This review is of the 2nd generation of this flashlight. The original version has a Cree XHP35 HI (instead of HD) emitter, which had more throw (40,000cd), but less lumens (1600lm). Only the 2nd...

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Flashlight Review: Klarus XT2CR & TRS1

Disclaimer This review is of the Klarus XT2CR flashlight and TRS1 remote pressure switch. The Klarus XT2CR was sent to me for an honest review by GearBest. Product page link.  No other payment, or commission was receieved. The TRS1 pressure switch was purchased by myself from Construction The Klarus XT line of flashlights is popular with light painting photographers due to the dual tail switch “tactical” user interface. The Klarus XT2CR is a little brother to the XT11GT and XT12GT flashlights, being in an 18650 tube light class (i.e head diameter is same as the body diameter). It uses...

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Flashlight Review: Nitecore P10GT

Disclaimer The Nitecore P10GT flashlight was sent to me for an honest review by FastTech. No other payment was received, and I receive no commission from links or sales. Product page link.  5% off with code: saving Introduction The Nitecore P10GT is a “tactical” 18650 tube light, which has not received as much review attention as some other lights in its class. Time for a review then! Construction The Nitecore P10GT came in a Nitecore branded cardboard box, and contained the flashlight, instructions, warranty card, lanyard, belt clip/holster, tactical/anti-roll ring and spare O-rings. This is a pretty good selection of...

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Flashlight Review: Generic Cheap Zoom Light

Introduction Whether we like to admit it or not, many light painters have purchased cheap zoom lights at some point, before we knew any better. There is no question that it is possible to light paint with very cheap flashlights, but how do these cheap zoom lights compete with higher quality budget flashlights when it comes to value for money? There are many cheap zoom lights available, and the one chosen for this review is produced by a Chinese OEM manufacturer, and is available under lots of different brand names (half of which end with “fire” or “tac”). This...

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Battery Charger Buying Guide

The third and last of my equipment buying guides looks at battery chargers. Along with buying flashlights and batteries, buying a decent charger can be a minefield for those new to light painting art. NiMH chargers NiMH chargers are used to charge rechargeable NiMH AAA, AA, and sometimes C and D batteries. There are two types of NiMH chargers – timer based (dumb) chargers, and smart chargers. Timer based chargers are commonly found for sale in supermarkets, and just run on a timer. This can result in uneven charge, and “cooking” of batteries that have reached full charge, degrading...

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Flashlight Review: Fitorch MR35 (RGBW-UV)

Disclaimer The Fitorch MR35 flashlight was sent to me for an honest review by Banggood. No other payment was received for review, and I receive no commission from links or sales. Product page link  30% off discount code: MR35 Introduction Fitorch are a fairly new brand in the flashlight market. This review is of the Fitorch MR35 which is an 18650 based light, with a 1200 lumen cool white Cree XP-L emitter, red, green, blue (RGB), and ultraviolet (UV) LED emitters. Aside from the Cree XM-L RGBW based Ledlenser P7QC and T2QC, most RGBW lights just have rather dim...

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Battery Safety and Buying Guide

  The second of my buying guides looks at batteries, including li-ion safety. Part three will look at battery chargers. Alkalines and NiMH Most light painter’s first flashlights are based on non-rechargeable Alkaline (1.5V) batteries or rechargeable NiMH (1.2V) batteries. These come in AAA, AA, C, and D sizes. Compared to li-ion batteries, these are generally very safe, and easy to purchase. Alkaline batteries are widely available almost everywhere, but as they not rechargeable, they are quite wasteful. They also loose voltage faster the NiMH batteries, resulting in a faster drop in brightness in direct drive flashlights. Alkaline batteries...

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