Author: Tim Gamble

Camera Rotation

  Hello and welcome to my next installment here for the blog and this time we’ll be looking at camera rotation.  We’ll walk you through some aspects of this growing sub-genre of lp. Then with a little imagination and the right tool, you’ll be creating images which will make people scratch their heads in amazement at the mind bending craziness you create.    In The Beginning I first became aware of camera rotation whilst looking at the incredible work of TCB and LED Eddie on Flickr.  I couldn’t quite get my head around how they were achieving some of...

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The Dark Art Of The Lens Swap

Hello and welcome to the follow up from my last post “The Art Of The Tripod Swap” with the snappily titled The Dark Art Of The Lens Swap. After seeing incredible work by James De Luna, Mart Barras, Quornflake, Tackyshack and Ectro in this field, I knew this was an area of lp I wanted to explore.  The creative avenues this technique opens up are mind blowing and will help you create images which further twists reality and push the boundries of what can be achieved. Why Swap Lenses? Firstly for me was being able to force two or...

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The Art Of The Tripod Swap

Hello and welcome to my first proper post here.  I thought it was high time I got started with this blogging adventure and what better way than to share a really useful technique used in many of my shots.  This is part one of two where I’ll focus on the art of the tripod swap,  put to good use in the image below. Why swap tripods? There are numerous reasons why you would want to utilise a mid exposure tripod swap. The main reason for me is to remove the guessing game element in my double exposure work, where accuracy is...

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Fade To Black Light Art

Hello and welcome I thought I’d stop by to introduce myself in my first ever entry here on the Lightpaintingblog…. Exciting times!  My name is Tim Gamble and I can be found on the internet under the name of Fade To Black Light Art.  I’m a light painter from the North West of England near Manchester.  I’ve been lighting painting for the last four years or so and have been asked to post here which is amazing to me.  Currently, embroiled in my 3rd consecutive 365 project.  This is where I take a photo every day for the year....

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