Author: Sven Gerard

DIY RGBW flashlight

Convoy distributes complete flashlights as well as empty housings. These are the perfect base to build flashlights according to your own needs. There are many different LED’s and drivers that fits in these hosts. This article is about a 4 colour LED with some nice effects as bonus, I like the police beacon. The small version for 18350 battery (900mAh) runs about 45 minutes, the larger version for 18650 battery runs longer accordingly, depending on the type of battery you use. The main reason for me to build this flashlight is constant brightness of all 4 colours. Use of...

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Colours in Light Painting Part 2

COLOURS IN LIGHT PAINTING PART 2 We continue here with the second part of colour theory. If you haven’t read THE FIRST PART YOU CAN FIND IT HERE MEANING OF COLOURS AND EFFECTS ON THE PEOPLE They say you cannot find two persons who perceive colours exactly the same. However, almost everybody will indicate Red as Red, and the meaning of the colour will be also similar for many people. Certainly, many people will interpret colours differently than me in this post. Many associations to certain colours or combinations of colours have a religious or cultural origin. For people...

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Colours in Light Painting Part 1

    Colours in Light Painting – Artistic and aesthetic aspects In Light Art Photography and Light Painting (almost), every colour can be shown with suitable lamps and spectral filters in (almost) every desired saturation and brightness. Some Light Painters are to be shown often tried possibly many colours in a picture without being aware of the effect of the colours on the eye of the viewer and the effect of the colours obviously to each other. On the other side, there are Light Painting artists who work very strictly with complementary colours like the respected Pala Teth. If...

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Infrared Light Painting – Modifying a D70 for infrared

Infrared Light Painting It was a tremendous pleasure to welcome one of the most innovative and creative Lightpainters as a guest of our event “Lightpainters United” in Berlin; Dan Chick from Denver (USA). After doing a bit of research he seems to be the only one who uses an infrared camera in light painting. Until now, anyway 😉 After watching him doing these pictures, and especially after admiring the results, we decided to give infrared light painting a try. I start a research of infrared photography on the Internet. I found quite a lot of confusing and contradictory contributions from...

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