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Author: Dan Chick

Light Mosaic: Piece Out and LPWA project

Inspired by the work of Brian Matthew Hart and Chris Bauer, I dabbled in creating some light painting mosaics.  First I did a few by hand, then I wrote some software to help visualize and assemble it real-time. After talking with Jannis Sid, founder of this blog, I decided to create a new collaborative mosaic system that would enable light painters from anywhere in the world to team up and create mosaics.  This system would take an image, slice it into smaller pieces, and let registered users request pieces to work on.  Once they had completed their pieces they...

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Colorado Perseids Meteor Jam Report

In July of 2016, I recruited Nancy Nguyen and Theresa Lopez to join me in the Colorado mountains to shoot the annual Perseid meteor shower, light painting-style. For 2017 I decided to get more people in on the opportunity. We scheduled the jam for the peak nights of the shower, Aug 11 and 12, 2017. It was three weeks after the LPWA meet-up at Mt St Helens, which Nancy and I also attended. We had driven for that, 19 hours each way, and were home for four days before we hit the road for steamboat springs, Colorado, to go...

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Tutorial: Large Scale Stencils

There have been some pretty impressive light painting shots made with stencils.   Recently I had the opportunity to meet up with Gareth Nathan who has done some pretty amazing recent stencil work.  That same weekend finally burst my resistant steel wool bubble as I got a chance to try something a little different in a steel wool shot.  When I got back to Denver I decided that steel wool was enough fun that I wanted to do some more of it.  But as a portrait photographer who also likes to make light painting tools I wanted to put...

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LPWA PNW 2017 Meetup

Over the weekend of July 21-23, 2017 a group of light painters converged upon Mount St Helens, the site of the most destructive volcanic eruption in American human history, for a Light Painting World Alliance Meet-Up.  The vast majority of attendees were American, followed in count by Canadians from nearby British Columbia, many of whom had recently attended the LPWA BC Meetup.  Other countries represented were Lithuania, Ireland, and England! My only previous experience with meet-ups that I did not myself organize was the one in Rome earlier this year.  Rome brought together even more countries and a whole...

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Creating Light Painting Photographs using Photoshop

In this article I’m going to tell you all about the accepted way within the serious light painting community to create light paintings with Photoshop. In reality this could be a short article because I could probably sum it up in single word: “Don’t”.  It’s technically a contraction of two words, “do” and “not” and pointing this fact out could make a short article longer… but there’s a little more to it than that. What’s in a name, “Light Painting”? The reason this is even gets to become a bigger conversation is because people don’t all agree on what light...

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