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Intro to The Art of Light Painting – TAO LP 0

Intro to The Art of Light Painting – TAO LP 0

Good day everyone,

I’d like to introduce you to my intention as a writer and collaborator of the light painting blog here. Each month for the next year, I’ll be sharing articles based on the art of light painting.
From what I’ve observed, the conversation around the art remains relatively rare and overshadowed by effect and techniques. We do need all the ingredients, but it seems like it’s harder to talk about the creative process, art and the more natural parts of ourselves such as intuition, emotions, and imagination.
In my personal experience, those elements are challenging, therefore, interesting to explore to deepen the creative zones of our minds, hearts, and spirits to enrich the whole creative experience.
Basically, to go deeper means adding a touch of magic to what you are, already, doing right now.

So to break the ice and get going, here is a fresh new video I did this week. My goal, with this one, was to capture my daily reality of practicing my light painting katas.

Hope you this will inspire some of you.


TAO LP  (The Art Of Light Painting).

About The Author

Patrick Rochon

Painting with actual light has been a fascination for two and a half decades now. Having explored many techniques, created many different light tools and light painted thousand of pieces, I’ve come to a place of finding beauty in simplicity, opening a world of small details within a line that contains it all. To me, that is where fine art begins. Patrick is an award-winning Light Painting photographer with over 24 years of experience. First prize winner of the Nikon photo contest in Japan, Patrick has done light painting photography for various fashion, rock magazines, CD jackets, DVD covers, posters, and international ad campaigns. Clients also include Toyota and Honda. Born in Montreal, Canada, Patrick has lived mainly in Tokyo, New York and Paris for 15 years.


  1. Sergey Churkin

    Absolutely right words. Magic of light painting art isn’t in effects and techniques. it is in our imagination. Good times to talk about this, Patrcik.

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