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Author: Patrick Rochon

Energy In Motion – TAO LP 5

Observing my hypersensitivity and how everything affects me in this world, I concluded that emotions are energy moving through my body at all times. They contain containing information, just like a language and we can use this energy to create, communicate and connect with others. Have you ever observed yourself this within while looking at attentively to try to figure out how all of this can be optimized? We contain a multitude of layered systems, producing and or capturing energies, like electric current, emotions, thoughts, feelings, hunches, attractions, images in our mind’s eye. All of these are systems creating...

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Darkness and Empty Space – TAO LP 4

What makes the difference between two pianists playing the same notes, is the space they leave between the notes. Light painting isn’t just about light; its also about darkness. Darkness is an element of the composition. Light painters are not in a duality of dark against the light but rather in creation with a mixture of both. Unifying those elements creating one art piece. To integrate darkness as much as we use light consciously. Choosing to leave some parts in the shadows to emphasize, dramatize, create contrast, to surround light or create a focal point. As you all know,...

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The WoW Factor – TAO LP 3

For my third article on the Art of Light Painting, I want to talk about the “wow” factor. I’m sure all of you had a light painting showing up in your camera that triggered a “wow” inside yourself or others around you. The Wow Factor, is the expression of amazement, wonder and when nothing else can be said. To me, it is the highest achievement, when the mind cannot grasp, while the heart has been touched, and the imagination sparked by your art work. So what is the recipe to reach this wowness? Most often it is a process...

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Control VS Letting Go – TAO LP 2

Here is a good mind bender. Light painting is in great part about motion, movement. We, light painter, in most case, have to move our bodies to create our art. We can use control to do this or just allowed it to happen by letting go. Some people believe that being in control is the way to create and nothing else exist than controlling your light, your movements and the outcome. If you do, please go ahead and keep going, it isn’t wrong and does give some good results. But if you are a little bit curious by the...

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Don’t bother with art, or do – TAO LP 1

You know, many of us wonder if the work we do is considered art or not. I tell you this, it doesn’t matter, and this question is in the way. The light painters are here light painting, and that’s what counts. If you think of the word ART, what comes to your mind? In my case and very honestly, not much. The word itself has been used, abused and stretched in so many ways that it lost its essence, its meaning. So how to define what is art and what is not? If you observe carefully, behind every light...

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