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The Creator – TAO LP 6

The Creator – TAO LP 6

You know when I started writing these articles, my goal was to open up and share the questioning I went through and the observations I cumulated in the last 24 years of light painting. I wanted to share a different aspect of what it is to be creative and how one access to a wider mindset and different approach from in the relationship between the self and the creation, from within and through this personal experience.
Not about the tricks and the technique, since so much is covered already but rather about the creative process, the inner learnings and the subtle but yet very real abstract elements of our selves.

I realize today that it’s not, really, the Art of Light Painting that I’m talking about but rather the exploration, the creativity, the energy behind this medium we all share.

I realize that I don’t even know if I’m an artist or not. That, the idea of being an artist, can be intangible, frustrating, limiting and doesn’t necessarily bring you into an action or direction. So then if I’m not an Artist or if the title doesn’t empower me to be free with my medium, then what? Well, simply, I always felt comfortable to call myself a creator.

The creator in is obvious, recognizable and bring me to the action of creating; the word is a self-explaining engagement. For example, I create by writing this article, by light painting, sharing, choosing colors, movement, exposure, by making new tools for all of us, by doing a Skype call with some of you, by making new friends, and so on… The creator creates!

The point is this; being in your creator mindset can bring you to realize that we are always creating, not just with light painting but with life everywhere and all the time. That being a creator can make you built bridges between people, cultures, countries and engages you to be part of life, in a very human way.
While being an artist can and yes sometimes but not always, isolate you and keep you in a smaller place, even, perhaps less connected to the rest. The artist is a little pretentious, in my opinion. So even if I keep calling these articles The Art of Light Painting (TAO LP), it’s just a title that means let’s think outside the box on the less technical aspect of light painting and explore the more creative sides of ourselves.

At the end of the day, everything is created, but not everything is art. We want to be the creators of our life, the creators of our realities, the creators of our cultures, the creators of our relationships and make all sort of cool, fun, interesting, enriching moments, and events to happen. Life is, at its core creation and we also contain this power and responsibility.

Create, love and share. Make a new vision for yourself. Know that you have more gifts, surprises, and talents in the corners of yourself, ready to emerge if you allow it too.



Here is what happens when 4 people get together to create openly together:



Anr here is the behind the scene video:


 The story of this creative project:

About The Author

Patrick Rochon

Painting with actual light has been a fascination for two and a half decades now. Having explored many techniques, created many different light tools and light painted thousand of pieces, I’ve come to a place of finding beauty in simplicity, opening a world of small details within a line that contains it all. To me, that is where fine art begins. Patrick is an award-winning Light Painting photographer with over 24 years of experience. First prize winner of the Nikon photo contest in Japan, Patrick has done light painting photography for various fashion, rock magazines, CD jackets, DVD covers, posters, and international ad campaigns. Clients also include Toyota and Honda. Born in Montreal, Canada, Patrick has lived mainly in Tokyo, New York and Paris for 15 years.

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