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Hydra – Making of “Madrid is Light” LightMOB IDL2018


Hydra – Making of “Madrid is Light” LightMOB IDL2018

One of the activities that have been organised around the world for the International Day of Light (International Day of Light – UNESCO) and International Light Painting Day (LPWA), was the creation of an ambitious lightpainting work of enormous dimensions in Madrid. Frodo Alvarez from Children of Darklight was so kind and provided us details about the making of.

You can check the Spanish version here


FA: Our goal was to give honour to the International Day of Light (International Day of Light – UNESCO) and International Light Painting Day (LPWA), declared official this year for the first time, and our action was a great success.

The day before was our preset and testing day. The marking work was much more complex than expected, which delayed us a lot on the tests, and many of those who accompanied us had to leave before finalizing; it was not until pretty late, almost at dawn, that we got the reassuring result what we expected. Everything was going to go smoothly next day!

On the 16th we started with a light painting talk by Riders of Light, who introduced and showed our art to the audience:


Then, colleagues like Mario Le2, Iris Shyroii, Luis Medina and Alexandra Lunar took charge of a light painting photocall for the delight of all those who came there.


Here, some of the results of that photocall evening:


Olympus Lightmob 2018. Hoja Contactos Photocall Light Painting

In the meantime

Simultaneously with the talk and photocall, the preparations in the outer zone continued at full speed. People began to arrive punctually at the Plaza de las Ciencias of the Complutense University of Madrid, where we were convening the meeting, and flashlights were distributed among the attendees, while explanations of their role in our work were repeated.


Also the media was coming. But not local or minority media as I could expect from my last experience in Asturias, my home-region. National TV channels, private channels, cultural magazines, architecture, trends … we went live on the news, and on various programs they talked about our action. This gives me what to think … what happened in my beloved Asturias, where we carried out similar actions and brought the world’s top experts to our International Congress LightArt Ciudad de Oviedo for two years in a row and we were ignored? Why was it not possible to give the importance that our actions deserve, more than in the regional press, and does not give the slightest coverage even on local TV? And why should these projects be taken out of your land so that they get to be valued, instead of seeing how they back off, promise what they can’t and don’t pay what they owe? “Asturies or trabayes”, as we say … In this aspect, Madrid was able to see in our action what we saw, and they valued it. We were going to make history in the art of light painting, and Madrid welcomed us. I have to personally say: Thank you.


Our control point was centered in the middle of the area defined for citizen volunteers. We also had several monitors where we could show images and videos, and a good sound system that we used to give the instructions, to inform, and of course to put music and animate the action. The production team had done a great job and there were very happy moments among those who came. Everything was ready to begin.



Around 21:45, at nightfall, we began to execute our image. The expected moment arrived. The audience, lightpainters and volunteers, with smiles on their faces and with great enthusiasm, painting together in honor of the International Day of Light. It was the most exciting and beautiful vision, and it is one of the best sensations that such an action gives us. We really want to thank everyone who came and participated in the creation of Hydra.


From our side, we believe to have achieved our expected goals, both artistically and personally, since we have overcome a new challenge, we have improved ourselves, and we have received praise from the light painting community around the world. In addition, we are very satisfied also by the good acceptance that the event had among the citizens and, above all, among the participants, whose enthusiasm infected us; also to see the response, reception and coverage of the media; for the joy and congratulations of our sponsors and collaborators; and for bringing together a great team of lightpainters to show that the Spanish light painting community is one of the most active in the world. In fact, special thanks to the family LIGHT PAINTING PARADISE that we were there together.


we leave you with the final photograph, which is the second of two attempts

“Hydra” . Olympus Lightmob 2018

“HYDRA” Credits:

Hydra is the biggest constellation of the celestial vault and also the only animal on earth considered immortal.



Frodo Álvarez DKL (Children Of DarkLight)

Edu Cajigal (Children Of DarkLight)


Javier Jiménez (Riders of Light)


Alexandra Lunar, Dodo (TxO Crew), Iris Shyroii, Mario Le2, Iván Lucio (Riders of Light), Patry Diez, Medina LightArt, Ivan Barco, Víctor Peseta, Vikthor Clarke


Mar Rodríguez, Miguel Gómez, Manuel Moreno, Gergana Lakerova, Gonzalo Ponce, Rosa Garcia de Dios, Noelia Jiménez, Edurne Villacé, Darío Cuesta, Santiago Porras, Conchi Macua, Alberto Olmeda, José Luís Bravo, Carlos López, Natalia Pérez, Ilaria Mervisan, José Castilla Jiménez, Manuel Barrena, Ricardo Pérez


When&Where Communication y Events


Filmmaker: Titi Muñoz

Camera: Daniel Contreras


Security and Maintenance Universidad Complutense: Roberto and Vicente,  LocalPolice

Olympus team: Eli Soley, Raúl Albert, Laura Ayuso, Martín “Tito” García , Mireia Ruzafa




Big thanks to Frodo for all the info.More activities reports for the IDL to follow. Stay tuned!

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Jannis Sid

Jannis Sid aka Luplof is a greek Light Painter based in Helsinki Finland. Working for 20 years in the entertainment industry as a light designer he has developed a special relationship with light. Light painting since he moved to Finland in 2010, more actively since 2015. In 2017 he founded the LightPaintBox and started this blog.

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