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Light Painting Video Inspirational Artists Part 1

About a year ago I had this idea of creating a small light painting video compilation with some artists that inspired me through the years.
Big thanks to all the artists for letting me use their artworks for this video.

All music by Max Lilja
“I sound my sound” from “Plays Electronica by one Cello.”
“Silent Highway” from “Morphosis.”
“A state of mind” from “Plays Electronica by one Cello.”

you can find more about Max here:

One of the reasons why I love light painting is exactly the amount of people creating amazing and inspirational works. There are much more great artists out there, this is just a personal selection,, no competition of any kind.These images were created ON CAMERA .. NO photoshop used. 🙂

A little info about the Light Painting artists themselves:

Patrick Rochon /Canada

Patrick is one of the first artists I started to follow. His unique style and approach have made him one of the most recognizable light painting artists globally. From abstract to fashion portraits to light painting campaigns to artistic experiments he continues to amaze with his works.

JanLeonardo /Germany

JanLeonardo is also of the old school artists. As a co-founder of the LAPP-PRO and as a single artist he has been a pioneer in light painting. His work has received international recognition and has a permanent place in the historical development of Light Painting art.

Vicki DaSilva /Canada

Vicki DaSilva is a light graffiti and light painting pioneer. She has been making single frame time exposure photographs at night since 1980. She is credited with the term ‘light graffiti’ as well as being the first artist to make deliberate text light graffiti photos beginning in 1980.Her signature style is easily recognized.

Janne Parviainen /Finland

Janne Parviainen aka Jannepaint is a Finnish light painting artist and painter.One of the most known light painting artists his work has been featured in various magazines and art blogs such as The National Geographic, The Guardian and much more. His dedication and devotion to his art are incredible, and he is in my opinion on of the most influential artist around.

Eric Pare /Canada

Based in Montréal, Eric mixes light-painting, bullet-time, stop-motion and time-lapse photography techniques.Again easily recognizable style and a person who likes to share his craft.

Fran Cisco /Morocco

A Marrakech based artist, Fran Cisco style is very distinctive. His creative vision combines calligraphy and elements of Arabic culture. One of the first people to create Light Painting photocall, he has a vast amount of fantastic work.

Diliz /France

Vincent Delesvaux aka Diliz is an explorer of long exposure photography and light painting. Using gestures and creating spaces with light in combination with reality, his style is full of visual surprises.

Hannu Huhtamo /Finland

Another Finnish artist, Hannu gets his best kicks from nature and urban landscapes. His flower like figures is a trademark of his although many times he surprises his viewers with something totally out of his usual style.

Xiao Yang /China

An urban explorer, light painting photographer, global traveler and part-time human being, as she describes herself, Xiao Yang is an amazing artist producing dreamy images, almost out of this world. She travels globally to find fantastic locations, and the results are speaking for themselves.

Pala Teth /Belgium

The Belgian Local representative of Light Painting World Alliance,
Pala has created amazing works with the use of fireworks and other elements. His ideas and executions has been a big inspiration for me

All images and music are copyrighted by the artists. I have their approval to use them for this light painting video.



You can also watch the second part of the “Light Painting Inspirational Artists Compilation.”

About The Author

Jannis Sid

Jannis Sid aka Luplof is a greek Light Painter based in Helsinki Finland. Working for 20 years in the entertainment industry as a light designer he has developed a special relationship with light. Light painting since he moved to Finland in 2010, more actively since 2015. In 2017 he founded the LightPaintBox and started this blog.

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