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International Light Painting Day – We need your help!


International Light Painting Day

As many of you heard some days ago, LPWA had some exciting news to share!

In November UNESCO will proclaim  16th of Mai to be the International Day of Light

LPWA has offered its help to support the event by proclaiming the International Light Painting Day when we are going to be organizing light painting activities worldwide.


We asked Sergey Churkin from LPWA a few questions about this great idea and the ways people can participate.

International Light Painting Day! Wow! Is that really official? How did you come up with this awesome idea?


Sergey: Officially proclaimed by UNESCO will be International Day of Light, it will occur in November 2017.
International Light Painting Day was proclaimed by LPWA as continuous collaboration with UNESCO for International Year of Light. This was very obvious to manage ILPDay in the same date as IDL.

Since 2015, I never forgot about collaboration for UNESCO’s purpose. From time to time we discussed with them some ideas. UNESCO saw my strong interest to do something for them. In the summer, my UNESCO’s colleague contacted me and told me this news – about the upcoming proclamation of International Day of Light. In 15 seconds I answer with the only offer – to support IDL with all our artistic power, as it was in 2015 for IYoL. And the process was started 🙂


How does an international day gets proclaimed? What is the process for that? What were your moves about proclaiming this day as the International Light Painting Day?


To establish International Light Painting Day, we have to ask about it to UNESCO’s Steering Committee Chairman. I have already asked him, and now I am waiting for instructions.

To make it real, I think, all our community should show to the world if we are interested and motivated. Until November 2017, we have to attract as many people as we can to join our events dedicated FB group. And we can see how many potential participants will take part in the ILPDay activity. At the same time, we can generate some cool ideas what to do.

This sounds great! How can people participate? Are there any main ideas already? Can anybody contribute with an idea? Where can someone find more info about this?


People can participate in all sorts of ways. I call it “participation levels”, and this levels will be published soon. For the moment, we have some ideas what to do exactly, but I am expecting and welcoming ideas from our “light nation”  🙂

Everybody can contribute his idea! And most important – it could even be just a personal idea.

Our common target is described in the dedicated FB group:

The Alliance intends to realize in this International Light Painting Day May 16th a huge artistic action, during which thousands of people will light paint at home, in the courtyard, on a visit or on vacation.

As in any social action, participation is even more important than results. International Light Painting Day will attract people to our art, give them a new way of self-expression, make friends between participants.

The best pictures will support the idea of the Day of Light and give to everyone an emotional charge for the implementation of the UNESCO program.
I ask all the light painters of the planet to help organize and hold this event in location Earth!
You can:
Distribute in your environment, among friends and acquaintances, information about the International Light Painting Day.
Convince them to participate in the action on the evening of May 16, as light artists, your assistants or just spectators.
Organize a light painting photo shoot with open participation for everyone.
Come up with an artistic version of the ILPD, or come up with your own theme. Implement it.
Publicize your efforts everywhere: publish your live broadcasts, light painted pictures, and comments in the ILPD group. Let the whole planet see how great it was! We already have an open Facebook group, very soon we will launch dedicated Instagram account etc.

We already have an open Facebook group, very soon we will launch dedicated Instagram account etc.
Together we can draw the attention of society to the tasks of the Day of Light. And it will be the most worthy result!




You can check more details for the event in  LPWA page

Don’t forget to join the FB group of the event where you can submit your ideas and get all the latest info about local actions.



That’s why we need your help! Together we can make this happen! Join our efforts!

Don’t forget to join the FB group of the event where you can submit your ideas and get all the latest info about local actions.

International Light Painting Day










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Jannis Sid

Jannis Sid aka Luplof is a greek Light Painter based in Helsinki Finland. Working for 20 years in the entertainment industry as a light designer he has developed a special relationship with light. Light painting since he moved to Finland in 2010, more actively since 2015. In 2017 he founded the LightPaintBox and started this blog.

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