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Light Painting and Art Therapy: A Personal Perspective by Christina Vasquez

This post is written by art therapist Christina Vasquez from Wichita, Kansas. All light paintings are made by her. Short bio on the bottom of the page.   Many thanks to the Light Painting Blog for the opportunity to write about my experience with Light Painting and Art Therapy. It was an honor to co-author with Jukka Laine the Digital Art Therapy chapter, Therapeutic Light Painting Photography: A Collaborative Approach to Visual Transformation and Empowerment (2017, Garner). The focus of the chapter was to share clinical interventions, risks, benefits, and observations. As I sat down to write this post,...

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Light painting workshops for old people

Age is just a number in light painting. I have taught in light painting workshops for old people, some of them have been over 100-years-old. But it’s not so easy to teach someone with a memory disease or difficulties to move. Some of them might ask every five minutes where they are and when they will get food. Someone might sleep the whole light painting session… Walkers and wheelchairs as light painting tools In the beginning, about eight years ago I had difficulties because old people thought that light painting is only for kids. But one time I first...

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Light art workshops in Myrsky projects

Between years 2011-2015 I was involved in three Myrsky projects. The first were light art workshops for mentally disabled and autistic kids and the other two were for youngsters in difficult life situations. Overall there were about 40 workshops. WHAT IS MYRSKY? Myrsky is a nationwide art project in Finland, organized by The Finnish Children and Youth Foundation. Here’s a description from the Myrsky project’s website: In the Myrsky (Storm) programme, young people between the ages of 12 and 29 create art from their own perspectives, guided by professional artists. All art forms are represented, from theatre to comics...

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