Month: October 2017

Kite Surfing Light Painting

One of the most active light painters and persons in general, Gunnar Heilmann, has been posting recently some photos from a project he did with Kite Surfing Light Painting. He actually got one of his photos from this as a magazine cover for KITE Magazin We asked him a couple of questions about this interesting project.   Congrats on the magazine cover Gunnar! Awesome work! I don’t think I’ve seen something like that done before!  Tell us a bit more about it. How did it start, where did that happen, who was involved, how long did you work on that?  ...

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Photo of the Week 43

PHOTO OF THE WEEK 43 Our artist of the month October, Palateth went again through your submissions on Instagram with the #lightpaintingblog hashtag. His choice for the Photo of the week is this photo by Gareth Nathan. Here is what Pala said about his choice: I like the humour of this idea, but I also like all the work Gareth has made to create this. The tunnel gives a beautiful sense of scale and depth, and his literal light painter is a fun and poetic idea. I also like the fact that it’s all about imagination and creativity. He has...

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Better Off Alone – Ayo & Teo

  Ayo & Teo’s  original video for “Better Off Alone”.   Derek King & Michael Wiley from Rock and Egg Productions made a really cool music video using also some light painting techniques!   Enjoy!   Credits: Directors – Derek King & Michael Wiley (Rock and Egg) Producer -Tim Reis Co-producer – Michael Tumey Director of Photography- Josh Saideman Gaffer- Joshua Cubas key grip- Alex Peterson Assistant Camera – Noah Osirich 2nd Assistant Camera – Haley Weatherington Hair and make up- Nia Hariri Production assistants – Darrius Davis, Greg Rosomme, Nyambi Gadson Editors- Rock and Egg (Michael Wiley and Derek...

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Photo of the Week 42

  Photo of the Week 42 For this week, our artist of the month October, Palateth checked your submissions on Instagram with the #lightpaintingblog hashtag. His choice for the Photo of the week is by  Mafu Fuma of Aurora Movement. “I love it because it’s unusual and beautiful. I like this pointillism effect, in which there are no clear lines but you still get what it is about. The size of the dots and the colours are creating the shapes and I think it’s clever and beautiful” … said, Pala. You can find  more of Mafu’s  work on his FB and Instagram...

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Infrared Light Painting – Modifying a D70 for infrared

Infrared Light Painting It was a tremendous pleasure to welcome one of the most innovative and creative Lightpainters as a guest of our event “Lightpainters United” in Berlin; Dan Chick from Denver (USA). After doing a bit of research he seems to be the only one who uses an infrared camera in light painting. Until now, anyway 😉 After watching him doing these pictures, and especially after admiring the results, we decided to give infrared light painting a try. I start a research of infrared photography on the Internet. I found quite a lot of confusing and contradictory contributions from...

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  Echo is a personal project of Finnish photographer and filmmaker Anders Lönnfeldt. Although light painting is a small portion of the video, it’s still a pleasure to watch.  ...

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Light painting workshops for old people

Age is just a number in light painting. I have taught in light painting workshops for old people, some of them have been over 100-years-old. But it’s not so easy to teach someone with a memory disease or difficulties to move. Some of them might ask every five minutes where they are and when they will get food. Someone might sleep the whole light painting session… Walkers and wheelchairs as light painting tools In the beginning, about eight years ago I had difficulties because old people thought that light painting is only for kids. But one time I first...

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Photo of the week 41

Photo of the week 41 For his last week as our artist of the month October, Palateth went through all of your submissions on Instagram with the #lightpaintingblog hashtag. His choice for the Photo of the week is this one by  Dan Chick.  Collaborating on the actual image were many light painters including: Gunnar Heilmann and Mafu Fuma from Aurora Movement /  big and small stars Palateth / backlighting Jannis Sid / el wire Kim Von Coels / Trigger and Dan himself on the writings!   For the people who don’t know the whole background story, Dan proposed with this picture to his girlfriend Nancy, without...

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Case Study: A Light painted music video

  Samuli Kemppi: Pouring Over – A Light painted music video   Light Painted music video – Case Study Pouring Over is an ambitious, over six minutes long light painted music video for the Finnish techno producer Samuli Kemppi. The video is directed and edited by Helsinki-based artist VJ Indigo, who is a very familiar name in Helsinki’s techno scene. The light paintings on the video are done by Janne Parviainen and Hannu Huhtamo. Samuli Kemppi is a Helsinki-based producer, dj, radio host, promoter and a label owner. Kemppi’s musical style draws from the deeper frequencies of deep house...

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Artist of the Month October – Palateth

Artist of the Month October – Palateth Let me start this one by apologizing about the delay… It should have been ready last week, I know. But its the time of the year when my other activities are going wild and time is a thing we don’t have enough…  Blogging is way more work that I thought it would.. 😛 back to the article … There is sometimes in life when you meet some person and somehow before you actually meet them you kind of know how they are.  Ever got that feeling? Well, I do and one of...

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