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Month: August 2017

Photo of the Week 34

In his last week as our artist of the month, Janne Parviainen has been checking again all your submissions on Instagram with the #lightpaintingblog hashtag. His choice for the Photo of the week is this photo by Anastasia Loukrezi.   Check more of Anastasia’s work on her FB page and Instagram accounts. Congrats Anastasia!   USE #LIGHTPAINTINGBLOG   There are daily features in our Instagram account and once per week, the Artist of the month will be selecting one to be featured as the Photo of the week! Welcome to follow us and tag your images on Instagram with our hashtag to participate! SaveSave...

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The Singularity Effect Tutorial

The Singularity Effect Tutorial (French subtitles are available) Redde Caesari quae sunt Caesaris In 2013, the inspiring and very talented Dutch light painting Jelle SCHUURMANS has posted this wonderful picture in the Flickr’s light painting group Light Junkies: I’ve immediately loved this picture, and I was wondering “How the hell did he achieve this effect?”. This question has scratched my head for weeks, and, one day, an idea has popped out “what if I do this and that and then…?”. A few experiments later, I still had no clue about how he has achieved his effect (and I still...

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Behind the scenes – Studio process

  Behind the scenes – Studio process   In the video, you see the whole process of approximately three months, squeezed into two minutes.   Let yourself go Often when I’m working at the studio I have a certain idea of what I want to create, but in the end come up with something completely different. I like working with an open mind and try to go with the new ideas the work might bring during the process. Letting yourself go from the original idea and developing it further, where the art work wants to go, is a very...

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The Dark Art Of The Lens Swap

Hello and welcome to the follow up from my last post “The Art Of The Tripod Swap” with the snappily titled The Dark Art Of The Lens Swap. After seeing incredible work by James De Luna, Mart Barras, Quornflake, Tackyshack and Ectro in this field, I knew this was an area of lp I wanted to explore.  The creative avenues this technique opens up are mind blowing and will help you create images which further twists reality and push the boundries of what can be achieved. Why Swap Lenses? Firstly for me was being able to force two or...

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