Month: June 2017

360 Light Painting-A new world-Part 1

360 Light Painting Since the beginning of art, technology has been giving artists keys to new, unexplored worlds. One of the few ways left to be original in art, if to be of the first into some new technology. 360 Light Painting is still fresh, unmarked ground to most of us, so I am positive that what I saw a couple of days ago in Facebook will be inspiring a lot of people into new territories.   Its been more than a year that I have been wondering how long it will take till I see something like this....

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Tutorial – How to draw a lightman

Tutorial – How to draw a lightman Adding the lightman figure to your photos is a great way to add more storytelling power to them. Ever since I first invented to trace my body with a lightstick in 2009 to create this luminous creature I have been totally hooked to it! I have made the video at my studio in bright light in order to have a good quality for the video. Remember to always shoot the light painting photos in low light, otherwise, you’ll just end up with an overexposed image!     Drawing the lightman The basic...

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challenge of the week 25-26

challenge of the week 25-26 Thanks to everyone that participated in our Instagram Challenge of the week!   As said before this is a learning process for us too, so we are gonna be trying different ways to see what has the better results, which in this case is getting more people motivated to go out and Light Paint! So we decided to try making each challenge biweekly with the hope of more people getting enough time to participate with their creations! Our theme for this week is gonna be “Use the Zoom” in your creations. One of my favorite techniques or...

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Photo of the Week 24

Again thank you to everyone who participated in our challenge of the week!   Artist of the month June Hannu Huhtamo went through all the submissions and chose this beautiful image by Patrick Rudolph.  In his Instagram account, you can find more of his work   Congrats Patrick!     Don’t forget to check our current challenge!...

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Photo of the Week 23

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who participated in our challenge of the week! And yes, we have a winner! This beautiful image by Gunnar Heilmann. Model in the picture was Lana.   Artist of the month June Hannu Huhtamo went through all the submissions and chose this one. Here is a few word from Hannu about his choice: I like the minimalistic approach on this. Simple and smooth light trails create a sense of movement even the model is standing still. Beautiful reflection looks great, it also reveals the surrounding space nicely.   Gunnar is a member of the Aurora Movement.  In...

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Challenge of The Week 24

here is the current challenge of the week 24 Thanks to everyone that participated in our Instagram Challenge of the week! So after the first week, we learned some stuff. 🙂   We need to get a bit more precise, more clear about everything. We started this challenge to motivate people to be more active, so we will ask for new creations to be submitted from now on.   Our theme for this week is gonna be “Street Photography- Light Painting.” From car trails to city light rotations to light figures in an urban environment, this theme is huge! We...

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Colorado Perseids Meteor Jam

“A flaming meteor (or meteors) in the sky. Dark zones in the mountains in Colorado. Light painters. Let’s make more light art with celestial objects at the 2nd annual Perseids Light Painting Jam!”   – This is the rallying cry for a unique event taking place August 10-13. Set in the mountains in Colorado, USA a collection of light painters will come together in amazing lighting conditions (and by that I mean that we have no light, away from the cities, and we’re in total darkness) to capture light painting shots with meteors in the sky.  If you want to...

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5 Light Painting Challenges that will boost your skills

One of my favorites photographers, Henri Cartier-Bresson, once said: “your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”  Although this idea probably was more accurate at the time of film cameras, when to actually shoot and develop 10000 photos would take you some considerable amount of time, the point is clear. It takes time and effort to become better in just about everything. There are similar theories about the time it takes to become an expert on something or mastering a skill etc. One of the common requirements all of these has – Commitment. Without committing to a goal, it is very...

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Photo Adventure 2017 Duisburg

Dates: 10 – 11 of June 2017 Location: Duisburg Coordinator/Contact Person: Köstler Manuel Check these links for more info about this event and registration   This year Lightpainting-Helpdesk is doing a collaboration project again on the Photo + Adventure fair in the German town Duisburg. Since this group is focused on promoting teamwork in light painting the project consists of putting together several light painting techniques to recreate the logo of the fair. You can get more information about this fair here. Last year Lightpainting-Helpdesk already realized a successful collaboration project where four scenic views of the park the fair...

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Lightart Meetup Nürnberg

Light Painting Helpdesk is organizing a lightart meetup in Nürnbergs Volksbad in October!   Dates:  28 – 31 October 2017 Location: Volksbad/Nürnberg Contact Person: Köstler Manuel Link for more info and registration    Expenses:  25€ per person Specials:  COAST will provide several sets of flashlights so everyone can try out a wide array of models in real situations.   For more events check out our event...

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