Month: May 2017

Artist of the Month – Hannu Huhtamo

  The Light Painting Blog’s Artist of the Month – Hannu Huhtamo Hannu Huhtamo is a light artist and a musician from Helsinki, Finland. Hannu has created a very signature style of light painting where he draws luminous sculptures and flowers into northern landscapes and abandoned buildings. Hannu’s work has gotten lately amazing success with his latest video on BoredPanda gaining over 12 million views and with articles on CNN’s Great Big Story and Discovery Channel! Congratulations Hannu for the well-deserved recognition!   The Light Painting Blog interviewed Hannu about his work and how everything got started, not forgetting his...

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Challenge of The Week 23

here is the current  Challenge of the Week 23   This week we are going to be having LIGHT PAINTING PORTRAIT as our theme for the challenge. All you need to do is to include a person in your image. It can be either properly lit or more artistic… Try different ones and see what you come up with! You can participate by uploading your submission through Instagram with the hashtag #lpblogchallenge. You can submit your image until Saturday 10th of June. The Artist of the month will be the jury selecting a winning picture on Sunday 11th of June. This will...

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Intro to The Art of Light Painting – TAO LP 0

Good day everyone, I’d like to introduce you to my intention as a writer and collaborator of the light painting blog here. Each month for the next year, I’ll be sharing articles based on the art of light painting. From what I’ve observed, the conversation around the art remains relatively rare and overshadowed by effect and techniques. We do need all the ingredients, but it seems like it’s harder to talk about the creative process, art and the more natural parts of ourselves such as intuition, emotions, and imagination. In my personal experience, those elements are challenging, therefore, interesting...

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Light art workshops in Myrsky projects

Between years 2011-2015 I was involved in three Myrsky projects. The first were light art workshops for mentally disabled and autistic kids and the other two were for youngsters in difficult life situations. Overall there were about 40 workshops. WHAT IS MYRSKY? Myrsky is a nationwide art project in Finland, organized by The Finnish Children and Youth Foundation. Here’s a description from the Myrsky project’s website: In the Myrsky (Storm) programme, young people between the ages of 12 and 29 create art from their own perspectives, guided by professional artists. All art forms are represented, from theatre to comics...

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A Light in the Darkness: Growing a Light Painting Scene Where There Isn’t One

I started light painting in 2013.  I dabbled a bit but was in a photography lull and didn’t push it that hard.  In early 2014 I got inspired again and decided to start shooting again after barely shooting anything at all for five years.  I decided at that point that light painting was going to be where I took my art and that I wanted to be part of a local scene. Metro Denver has over 3 million people.  Colorado has over 5.5 million people.  Four years ago when I decided to really dive into light painting I tried to...

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Using Art in Light Painting Art

The art of photography involves taking pictures of something.  Even the worst of possible shots, the inside of a lens cap, is still a picture of the inside of a lens cap.  Sometimes we shoot pictures of places, sometimes people or animals, sometimes we take pictures of things.  A shot has some type of subject as well as one or more light sources that illuminate the subject. As light painting photographers, we extend this a little further. We still have some type of subject but that subject can change over the course of a shot.  The same subject can be...

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Throwback Thursday – Black Sabbath Album Artwork

I don’t think many people in this world hasn’t heard of Black Sabbath. One of most influential bands ever for rock, they are considered to be pioneers of heavy metal music. Even if you are not into this kind of music, there is no way you haven’t heard at least one song of them somehow. One of the greatest hits ever and the classic song to be requested whenever any rock band plays is “Paranoid.” My “day job” is doing lighting for concerts, events, theater, and last year I was lucky to see these guys from close while working for them on their gig here...

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The story you want to tell – Adding life to your photos

  Regardless of all the visual beauty and innovation in light painting lately it is still very often lacking one critical factor; the story. As being a photographer, I would think telling the audience something with your photos is something you feel strongly about. In my opinion, the stories the pictures tell, are the main reason they even exist. It’s the will to change the world, to help others see things they’d otherwise miss, that’s been the major motivation for me to become an artist.   Why you need a story   If we want to tell the world...

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