Month: April 2017

LPWA Meetup PNW2017

Another Meetup is announced for July! LPWA Meetup PNW2017   Dates: 21st to 23th of July 2017 Location: Mt. St. Helens, WA Meetup supervisor/ coordinator: Chris Bauer, LPWA North West Representative Registrations: Notes: Some fees applicable.Prepare for hiking 🙂 For more details and information check the events page in LPWAlliance...

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Throwback Thursday – Jyrki Parantainen

I was visiting a friend the other day. Daniel is a great guy, has always been inspiring me in many ways. When I started to tell him about this blog, I m starting he looked at me and said: Hey… I think I have something you ‘ll really like. Do you know Jyrki Parantainen? Jyrki who? And then he does a little online search, and he shows me this… This guy has been using light painting techniques on his work in the 80s and produced some fantastic imagery I ‘ve never heard of. I knew my friend was right....

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11 Easy Light Painting Ideas to Try as a Beginner

So you discovered Light Painting! Well done! You are officially hooked (or if not yet, you are on your way 😉 Highly contagious and dangerous sport it is.Ever heard of Light Junkies..? 😛 I remember as a beginner I sometimes run out of ideas. Didn’t have many tools to start with, my camera, a tripod and couple of cheap flashlights. I had already tried a couple of stuff but I though I could do much more without more tools, etc. So I turned to the net to get some ideas and inspiration. Although there are some great places to...

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LPWA Meetup BC2017

Another Meetup is up in some weeks! LPWA Meetup BC2017   Dates: 19th to 21th of Mai 2017 Location: Fraser Canyon – British Columbia/ Canada Meetup supervisor/ coordinator: Derek Lawrence, LPWA Canadian Representative Registrations: Notes: Some fees applicable.Prepare for hiking 🙂   For more details and information check the events page in LPWAlliance...

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The Light Painting Photographer Who Lights Up Finland’s Polar Night

Here is a great post from Peta Pixel by MICHAEL ZHANG about Hannu Huhtamo. Starting in December of each year, Finland’s northern region has a period of about 50 days in which the Sun never rises above the horizon. Photographer Hannu Huhtamo embraces the prolonged darkness of this “polar night,” turning it into the canvas for his beautiful light-painting long-exposure photos. Based in Helsinki, Finland, Huhtamo has built up an impressive collection of light painting photos created in a range of locations, from abandoned buildings to forest landscapes. After drawing sketches of what he’d like to create, Huhtamo grabs his camera...

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Thowback Thursday: Gjon Mili

  Gjon Mili Born in Albania, Mili spent his childhood in Romania and moved to the United States in 1923. During his training as engineer learns photography by himself, working together with Harold Eugene Edgerton from MIT. Later he starts working for LIFE magazine.   Mili was a pioneer of Flash photography as well as one of the first to ever use the stroboscopic technique for reasons other than science. He tried to study motion and human body interaction by photographing dancers, musicians, actors, athletes with various techniques. In 1949 he was sent by LIFE magazine to photograph Picasso....

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Light Painting Video Inspirational Artists Part 2

  This video is the second part of my Light Painting Video Compilation of Inspiring Artists. Again not a competition of any kind or top something list. There are so many great light painters out there, and the fact that their work is not featured here doesn’t make them any less great of significant. My purpose for this compilation was to get more people inspired to got out and try more stuff with some of this artwork that has been an inspiration for me. Huge thanks for all music to George “ Bandoek” Apostolakis. You can check more of his...

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Light Painting Video Inspirational Artists Part 1

About a year ago I had this idea of creating a small light painting video compilation with some artists that inspired me through the years. Big thanks to all the artists for letting me use their artworks for this video. All music by Max Lilja “I sound my sound” from “Plays Electronica by one Cello.” “Silent Highway” from “Morphosis.” “A state of mind” from “Plays Electronica by one Cello.” you can find more about Max here: One of the reasons why I love light painting is exactly the amount of people creating amazing and inspirational works. There are...

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Review of the Universal Connector by LPB

One of the first light painting tools I found when I started was the Light Painting Brushes system. Today we gonna review the base element of it, the Universal Connector. I was lucky to receive some of these as part of my award for winning one of Jason’s Light Painting Contest. I speak from experience when I say that it might be the most practical piece of LP tool out there. Description It is a simple, yet great idea. A small piece of rubber tube with a different size on each side. It allows you to connect various light sources,...

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